activity packages

8 hour fun tour packages with a friendly guide

Choose from our 12 specially designed Janda Baik Activity Packages,
run by our friendly, trained and knowledgeable guides!

Packages are for groups of 4 people and above.

All activities strictly follow prevailing Covid-19 mitigation guidelines.
Pre-booking is necessary.

family FUN

Fun and wholesome countryside experiences, for families of all ages

Little ones package

Guided fun at 3 of the best attractions for little kids in Janda Baik!

teens and tweens package

Bring your kids to have fun at Cherengin Fun Fair and horse ride!

farming fun

Enjoy experiencing Janda Baik's farming side

the farmer's life

Explore agriculture,and sample top agricultural produce, at 4 different types of farms in Janda Baik!


Build one of the popular radiant edible garden models to take home with you and load it up with plants from our farm!

quest for adventure

Thrilling activities for those wIth a spirit for adventure.

moderate package

A selection of moderately adventurous activities, for those looking for fun and bonding!


A selection of more challenging adventurous activities, for those looking to push their limits!

nature's splendour

Enjoy the inner peace and rejuvenation that only a day spent in nature can bring you.

forests & waterfalls package

Explore the majestic tampit waterfall,set in stunning rainforest,and hone some valuable wilderness survival skills!

Rivers & campcraft package

Trek through pristine mountain streams,and learn some useful camping skills!

nature's classroom

Take an educational hike through nature with our guides, and see the world anew.

earth science package

Guided by radiant’s science facilitators, discover the wonders of highland rivers, and unravel the mysteries of hot springs!

biodiversity package

Guided by radiant’s science facilitators, explore the rich biodiversity of the Janda Baik highlands!

tastes of janda baik

Food tour packages for those who love a gastronomical adventure.

food fest package

Visit 3 lovely location for a tour of their premises, with activities, then tuck-in to their specialty foods!

FARM & CAFE package

Enjoy two fun and different cooking lessons, a great laugh and bonding experience for the family!